Fausti Stefano Arms




Fausti Arms is looking ahead. The Fausti sisters, Elena, Giovanna and Barbara, proud of their past and anchored in their experience, are now focused on innovation, the “fuel” needed to develop new technologies and meet the evolving needs of hunters and shooters alike. 

This meaningful shift is reinforced by a new company image, while core values stay always the same. 


It is through a new and simple mission statement that Fausti Arms, a company with 70 years of history setting industry trends worldwide, reveals its full contemporary nature: proud of the past, efficient in the present, envisioning the future! 

It is through a new logo that Fausti Arms communicates its modernity combined with their timeless core values:

-       The Family Coat of Arms has been replaced with a modern and clean Monogram, which still reminds us of the traditions of the past. 

-       The stylized but sinuous lines of the letter F for Fausti pay tribute to the Fausti sisters' femininity. The letters mirror each other and intertwine at the bottom creating the illusion of a traditional Coat of Arms as well as a set of antlers, which were part of the first company logo and every hunter's most desired trophy.

-       The monogram is followed by the Fausti name in Argus font which, inspired by the baroque style of characters, combines gentle and clean, easy to read lines: a reminder of the company history and also its modernity.

The ideas conveyed by the mission statement and logo perfectly match and reinforce the new branding effort. For Fausti, looking to the future means reaching new goals and meeting the needs of new clients without losing sight of the excellence that has always characterized the company.

At Fausti, we believe that quality is the result of the efforts of a team that brings technology, manual skills, know-how and experience to the table day in and day out, keeping the focus on innovation. 

Owning a fine shotgun is no longer the privilege of the few; it is a dream that everyone can turn into reality. Everyone can find their ideal shotgun starting from the entry level models which express our high-quality standards, all the way to fully Custom pieces made entirely unique by extensive hand finishing. 

A Fausti over and under or side by side will always be the perfect shotgun for the person who choses it, just like the new payoff says: “I'LL BE YOUR GUN”.